// Fargo, ND City Commissioner

The Fargo, ND Primary Election was held on June 14, 2022. Denise M Kolpack, and Dave Piepkorn were the winners out of 15 candidates. Fargo conducts its city elections with the North Dakota Primary, but does not have a general election.

There were 15,090 ballots, with 46,462 approvals. There was an average of 3.1 approvals per ballot in this race.

Denise M Kolpack42.7%Dave Piepkorn38.7%Al Carlson32.2%Jodi Plecity31.0%Anna Johnson26.5%Jennifer Benson24.7%Matuor D Alier21.7%Ahmed Shiil20.7%Victoria Johnson17.0%Will Thompson16.5%Branden Krieger11.1%Lenny Tweeden7.8%Ves V Marinov6.8%T.G. Tom Magin5.6%Philip Thomas Deery4.7%write-in0.3%

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