About approval.vote

Approval Voting elections produce a lot of data about voter preferences. Typically, this information is made available by election boards in specialized file formats and requires processing to interpret. The purpose of approval.vote is to increase transparency into these elections by creating detailed and intuitive reports about them.

Approval voting is a voting system that allows voters to vote for as many candidates as they like. It is a simple and intuitive system that produces results that are easy to understand and verify.

All reports are generated from the raw ballot data, rather than using the official tabulation. As a result, the reports also serve as an independent tabulation of the results that can be reproduced using published source code.

approval.vote is maintained by Felix Sargent. It is a fork from the original work of Paul Butler's ranked.vote. It is non-partisan and has received no outside funding.


This website and the data pipeline behind it (including the tabulator) are open source and liberally licensed. Website content and generated reports may be freely distributed with attribution under the CC-BY license.


This website, including visualizations, was created with Svelte, and is hosted on Github Pages. The font is Source Sans Pro.